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Double Tread Slippers • Bulk Orders Only

Minimum order-500 pairs, per color & per size

Made of high quality materials



Depending on the frequency of use, it is recommended to replace compression socks every 3-6 months, don’t forget to re-measure your calf.

Compression socks can be worn everyday while
-sitting while working from home

How do you use your compression socks?

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Nurses, care for yourself the way you care for others💕

DM me the word “HEALTH” to start you journey🩺♥️

Moisture wicking compression socks are great for hot and sweaty activities.

Grab a pair, comfort and working out can go together

📍The Great Rocky Mountain
Laurel Waterfall

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Happy Mother’s Day🌸

When you give a pair of compression socks to your loved ones, you are investing in their health🩺♥️

I’m celebrating Mother’s Day with my daughter and granddaughter♥️

My son sent balloons and sweets, we talked yesterday 🥰

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?


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Plane trip✈️
Train trip🚇
Car trip🚙
Boat trip🛳

Compression socks get you there and back safely🩺♥️

Lowest price of the season

Go have fun!

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Happy Nurses Week🎉

You are appreciated 👏🏽🎊

Enjoy our lowest price of the season🙌🏽 $21.99/pair🤗

Are you looking for a way to thank a nurse?

Nurses love compression socks, they reduce pain in our legs and feet while working long hours🩺♥️

Nurse Anesthesiologist 19 years
Registered Nurse 26 years

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Start your journey to having energized legs and feet, when you add compression socks to your daily routine 🩺♥️

Free shipping🤗

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Are you doing what it takes to have nice legs?

Start your journey to nice healthy looking legs, add compression socks to your daily routine.

Free shipping🩺♥️

I like to walk and hike to keep my legs in shape.

How do you keep your legs looking great?

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Easter represents a time for reflection, but it also has traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation ♥️

One of the many traditions for Easter is the kickoff of wearing white clothes and shoes.

What are some traditions you observe on Easter? Join the discuss below, I would love to hear them☺️

Inspire Collection pictured in the basket, free shipping🩺♥️Link in bio😊

✨Happy Easter✨


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3 Ways to kick start your week!

☀️Avoid looking at emails on the weekend

☀️Get adequate sleep

☀️Don’t skip breakfast

How do you prepare to have a good week? What can you add to the list🩺♥️

Have a good week☺️

~Tangela CRNA, Owner
Legacy Compressions
📍Washington DC

The nation’s capital 🇺🇸compression sock 🧦

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Be Kind🩺♥️ ...

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Today you can choose to

avoid poor circulation

avoid blood clots

avoid swollen legs/feet

avoid tired achy legs

All you have to do is visit my website, purchase some compression socks and wear them regularly.

You will start to see and feel the improvement almost immediately after use.

I am happy you decided to start your journey to a better you. Enjoy 10% off plus free shipping on your first pair of compression socks 😊

~Tangela APRN, CRNA

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Collect your Pot of Gold☘️

Did you wear something green today? Tell me about it☺️

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I’m wearing Courageous compression socks, pink with green letters🩺💕💚

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Running, walking, hiking doesn't have to be hard on your legs and feet!

Compression socks provide support, improves circulation, leaving your legs energized and healthy🦵

Which do you enjoy the most, running, walking or hiking? Drop a comment below

Sign up with email for 10% off and free shipping🎉

~Tangela CRNA

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SAVE this post if you start to question your value and contribution to nursing☺️🩺♥️

SHARE this post with someone to acknowledge their hard work and dedication to giving their best.

TAG someone that you would like to say, “I see you working hard and you’re doing great”.

Together We Will Win🩺♥️

~Tangela CRNA

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🛑Stop! You need this information

Blood circulation slows when you sit or stand for long periods of time.

When this happens, blood cells may clump together, forming a blood clot.

Your risk of forming a blood clot can be reduced by wearing compressions socks.

I wear compression socks because I stand all day.

Which picture represents your current situation?

I can help you lower your risk for blood clots, click the link for premium compression socks, enjoy FREE SHIPPING🩺♥️

~Tangela CRNA

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Do you dread wearing compression socks in warmer weather?

Our compression socks are designed to wick the sweat away, leaving you cool, dry and itch free.

Try them today, free shipping🩺♥️

What are your favorite summer activities?

~Tangela CRNA🩺

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What have you done for yourself lately?

I recently noticed I started biting my nails, it made me realize that I was internalizing a lot of stress.

Between working as a CRNA and being a entrepreneur,
sometimes I forget to do self care.

So today, I’m going to get a massage and a facial🩺♥️

Invest in your Health☺️

~Tangela CRNA

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Self care is the best care☺️

Shipping on me🎊

RN 25 years🩺
CRNA 18 years 🩺
Entrepreneur 3 years 🎉

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Knowing you have the support to finish what you started is more than half the battle.

Graduated Compression
Premium Material
Lab Tested Compression
Made in USA 🇺🇸

~Tangela MSN, CRNA, APRN

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Women’s History Month🎉

“I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me”
~Maya Angelou

Women supporting Women💪🏼

Tag a Phenomenal Woman🥳

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